Knowing where we come from is an essential part of knowing who we are. Our cultural heritage shapes our identity, intertwines with our personal journey, and gives us a sense of belonging. It also provides traditions that we can pass down to our children, creating a shared, continuous history across generations. That’s why, for this engagement photo session at Aphrodite Rocks, Cyprus, Athena and David chose to reconnect with family roots.

Though Athena and David are both from the UK, Athena grew up with a strong love of Mediterranean culture. Through her father’s Greek-Cypriot heritage, she learned of the food, folklore, and customs native to this beautiful region. Gradually, she became enthralled by the history, mythology, and scenery that wrapped the world of her Cypriot ancestors in magic. During rainy English winters, she often daydreamed of wandering the endless sunny beaches of Cyprus, hand-in-hand with someone special.

For Athena, that dream became a reality when David, her beloved fiancé, surprised her with a marriage proposal. With her heart soaring, she had just one more wish: to have her engagement photo session at Aphrodite Rocks, Cyprus. There, she could celebrate the happiest time of her life among stunning rock formations, blue skies, and white foaming waves. She could enter the next chapter of her relationship while honouring the memories of family who came before her.

As a couple photographer in Cyprus, I know that there are few places on Earth more awe-inspiring than Aphrodite Rocks. In the past, I have shot honeymoon photography there for M & D, along with Christian and Jana’s proposal photoshoot. I was even lucky enough to create wedding photography at the Rocks for my friend Eleni, a fellow Cypriot. Every time I visit, nature’s inimitable brush paints my images with beautiful greys, blues, and greens. When Athena and David contacted me for a shoot, I jumped at the chance to return once again.

For this engagement photoshoot, Athena and David chose to embody the laid-back culture of the Mediterranean. Dressed in light, bright clothing, they splashed happily in the surf between joyous, loving embraces. Their smiles, like the sun, radiated warmth and the promise of new beginnings. In every image, you can feel the freedom they find in each other’s company. The freedom to be their authentic selves, wherever they are, as they share the great adventure of life.

With their simple and natural affection, Athena and David are a reminder that every family – and culture – is a love story. No matter where we’re from, each of us represents the love of countless ancestors, brought together by divine fate.