7 Things You Should Know Before You Start Organising Your Big Day

The process of planning a wedding is tiresome and overwhelming. Most couples choose to do their own planning, especially if they have a tight budget. Whether you do the planning yourself or hire a wedding planner, it’s essential to keep some important things in mind.

You should be prepared for challenges and be ready to compromise on some of the things you’d want. Whether you have a long or short timeline to plan your wedding, here are a few tips for organizing a successful event.


1. Have a Short Guest List

One mistake couples make when planning the wedding is to think they must invite everyone on their contact list. What they fail to remember is that a large portion of the budget goes to wining and dining the guests. One of the reasons couples want to have many people is to make an impression, but this isn’t necessary at all.

If your wedding costs €70 per person, for example, imagine how much you’ll save by eliminating two tables of 10.


2. Have a Meal Plan

One of the unforeseen expenses in a wedding budget is hidden in feeding the wedding day vendors. The photography team, entertainment team, and caterers need to eat alongside your guests.

Before you sign the contract, decide if you want the vendors to be served the same food as your guests. Serving them the same food could see your expenses go up by a considerable percentage.

To cut down the cost, you could choose a less expensive but equally hearty meal for these teams. Communicate this with your caterer a couple of days before the wedding. Let them know the number of vendors to be fed and what you want on their menu.


3. Don’t Stress About the Weather

You’ve picked a date during summer to have your wedding, and you expect the day to be warm and sunny. Unfortunately, you can’t predict what the weather will be like on that particular day. Pulling your hair out over unexpected weather changes will do nothing but ruin your mood for the big day.

The best you can do is incorporating a backup plan in case of weather changes. Your guests might walk out of a hot summer tent wedding or improperly heated winter reception. You need to take such considerations and know how to deal with unexpected changes.

In the case of a tent wedding in summer, keep coolers nearby. Alternatively, hold the function in an indoor venue with air conditioning. In case your wedding is in summer, ensure the site has sufficient heating systems to keep it warm.

You can always ask your friends to contribute to your wedding ceremony by creating an online wedding registry – this can serve you for co-funding your honeymoon too.

4. Don’t Wear New Shoes for the First Time

So you bought your wedding shoes and kept them away safely awaiting the big day? Your mind is now more preoccupied with other wedding details, and the shoes are the last thing on your mind. This is the biggest mistake you could be making without knowing it.

Breaking in your new shoes is very crucial, without which you’ll set yourself up for blisters on your big day. Put them on and walk in them for an hour several times until you feel comfortable in them. On your big day, it won’t hurt to bring a pair of backup pair of sandals.

5. Remember to De-Stress

Most couples who’ve already had their weddings will tell you how stressful the whole planning can be. It’s no wonder that you’ll find yourself stressed during the most part of the planning. While this might be inevitable owing to all you have to put together, don’t forget to pamper yourself.

Take some time off the planning and rejuvenate. If time and resources allow, take a short vacation. Remember you want to save all the energy you can for your big day.

6. It’s Allowed to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

When people hear of eco-friendly events, what comes to their mind is boredom and limitation. This is a wrong perception to carry to your wedding. An eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean that you take the fun out of your big day.

In any case, it’s just about applying measures that reduce the pressure on the environment. For example, you could buy bourbon barrels as opposed to buying individual beer bottles. With the barrels, you’ll surely have more drink to last your guests the whole night long.

7. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

It can get overwhelming to put all the details of your wedding together. Instead of trying to handle everything by yourself, delegate some tasks to some trusted friends. You’ll realize that some people are more than willing to help you pull off a beautiful and stress-free wedding.

When everything is in place and the day is finally here, go out there and enjoy your big day.

Take Away

Nothing is easy when it comes to wedding planning. Putting all the details together is some piece of hard work. No matter what happens, some tips for pulling off the plan successfully are de-stressing and keeping your guest list short.

You also should ask for help and delegate some tasks to trusted friends. When the big day is finally here, forget about what didn’t work out and focus on being happy.


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