When we book?

When should we book a photo session?

For certain periods of the year we are busy with wedding photography and portrait photography (especially in the summer and autumn periods). To avoid any overlaps, please contact us as soon as possible to make sure that the desired time is available for you.Being so busy with our everyday lives, we can easily lose many beautiful moments that will never return. The only way to immortalize them is by capturing the unique moments through photography.

If you consider preserving your special moments, we advise you to contact us as follows:

  • Wedding Photography : 6 months – 1 year before, to make sure the event date is not allocated to someone else and you have time for a possible engagement photo shoot.
  • Maternal Photos : photos will be taken on your 7th or 8th month, when belly is prominent.
  • Photos for the newborn : baby photos can be made around two weeks old – when they sleep longer and they are very cute.
  • Baby Photos : 3 months old – the baby will smile, at 6 months old – the baby will roll and will probably sit. At 1 year … of course … first anniversary!
  • Kids & Teens : we recommend one photo session yearly as the target people here grow and change every single year. Certainly, we want to have an album that they will have as adults.
  • Family photo : we recommend a photo session every year or every two years.