Long before I took this wedding photography at Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades, Steven made a decision that would change his life: Years ago, looking out over the sunny hills of Cyprus, he knew it was time to spread his wings. Time to leave behind the only home he’d ever known to dream, dare, and grow in a wholly new place. Stepping outside his comfort zone, he arranged to study abroad in the vibrant city of London, UK. Never could he have imagined that his choice would lead to more than travel and a degree…

Then, one day, Steven laid eyes on Lauren, and suddenly school was the last thing on his mind. Her golden hair glowed like sunlight, radiant against the overcast British sky. Her smile welcomed him immediately, making him feel like he belonged. In that moment, his heart’s compass began the slow process of finding home on foreign shores. Before he knew it, he’d chosen to settle permanently in London, with Lauren at his side.

Still, a part of him longed to return to Cyprus to show Lauren the beautiful countryside that had nurtured him. To walk with her along the moonlit beaches and speak softly of their hopes among the ancient stones. And so, when the time came to marry his soulmate, he returned. With his bride-to-be and family together at last, he searched for a luxury wedding photographer in Limassol and started planning.

When I was invited to shoot their wedding photography at Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades, I too was excited for an adventure: For me, this venue, nestled in the heart of historic Omodos Village, was a whole new experience. Unlike many of my favourite wedding locations, which I’ve returned to again and again, I’d never photographed Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades. Imagine my delight, then, to see its rolling vineyards, time-worn streets, and 17th-century monastery, surrounded by misty hills.

But first, my journey began in Limassol: On the big day, I photographed Lauren getting ready at the Amara Hotel – the most exquisite hotel in Limassol. With her mother nearby, Lauren waited patiently as her makeup was applied, bringing out the vivid blue of her eyes. Her gaze shone with the promise of a bright future, framed by the soft white halo of her veil. Meanwhile, Steven reconnected with his family at his home in Limassol, dressing to the sound of Cypriot music. Finally, with a traditional last shave, he was ready to walk into his new life.

By the time everyone arrived at the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Omodos, there was magic in the air. The anticipation, heightened by classic Cypriot pre-wedding rituals, was almost palpable. Taking out my camera once again, I photographed the procession as everyone walked towards the monastery, smiles beaming. Flanked by friends and family, the musicians played on, serenading the joyous news to all around.

And then, the big moment came at last: Lauren entered the monastery on her father’s arm, framed by the glow of the sun. On Steven’s face, surprise met wonder and overwhelming love, knowing this stunning woman was about to become his wife. Together, he and Lauren stood before the priest as he blessed and made official their union: First with rings, then with crowns. The rings joined them as husband and wife, while the Stefana crowns symbolised the glory bestowed upon them by God.

Thus united in the eyes of Heaven, Lauren and Steven would rule their Earthly home with sacred love and integrity. Carrying the light of their blessings, they would touch the lives of others with joy, wherever they might roam. This promise, echoed forward into eternity, was sealed with a kiss… Then a rain of confetti, falling softly like whispered wishes over husband and wife, brought the ceremony to a close.

Later, at Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades, the sound of toasts, dancing, and laughter filled the night air… Surrounded by family, overlooking the countryside, Lauren and Steven felt a completeness, a resonance, beyond any single time or place. With silent understanding, they knew home is wherever love comes to rest.