When we travel, we enrich our lives with new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. We immerse ourselves in other cultures and meet people we otherwise never would have crossed paths with. We take on unexpected challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and along the way, we learn more about ourselves. Through this process, the places we visit become entwined with who we are. As much as we leave our mark on them, they imprint on us. For Michelle and John, the subjects of this pre-wedding photoshoot in Cyprus, Limassol has become etched on the soul.

Originally from the Philippines, Michelle and John always loved travelling as a couple. Visiting other countries together helped them see the world through each other’s eyes, deepening their connection. Their journeys also created countless beautiful, exciting memories – moments they will cherish forever.

When they first arrived in Cyprus, however, they knew something was different. Somehow, this small Mediterranean island – with its warm sandy beaches and endless blue skies – called to their hearts. Wandering the time-worn streets of Limassol together, Michelle and John felt their story interlace with countless lives before them. In the welcoming hospitality of the city’s restaurants and resorts, they found an oasis of tranquillity. Soon, they knew without a doubt that Limassol was a place they wanted to return to again and again. They had found their “home away from home.”

To ensure they could visit Limassol as often as they wanted, John and Michelle bought a beautiful house in the city… But that wasn’t the only commitment they were ready to make. With their dream home now a reality, the time had come to unite as husband and wife. Together, they would embrace a life shared between two hearts, two homes, and two cultures.

Fittingly, John and Michelle decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot in Cyprus, thus bringing a cherished Asian tradition to Limassol. My long-time readers will know that, in Asia, the pre-wedding photoshoot is almost as important as the wedding itself. It’s a lavish event wherein couples don special outfits and pose in a stunning location, often with a creative theme. It’s a celebration of life, love, and prosperity that brings good fortune to the bride and groom-to-be. In Karen and Joe’s Story and Hongzhen and Song’s romantic beach photoshoot, I delved more deeply into this tradition. As a couple photographer in Cyprus, I’ve also helped stage pre-wedding photoshoots, such as this one for Iris and Akran.

For Michelle and John’s photoshoot, we chose to head down to one of Limassol’s many beautiful beaches. With nature as a backdrop, the happy couple portrayed different moods, their poses capturing the nuances of their union. Wearing plain clothes, they danced playfully in the surf, full of joyous spontaneity. Then, with Michelle in an elegant green gown, they embraced tenderly, looking out over the ocean.

Finally, wrapped in jackets, they watched the sun dip towards the horizon, their hearts full of hope for the future. As the rolling grey clouds lit with a misty golden glow, they knew they were exactly where they belonged.