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When I talk about my work, I often use the expression photography from the soul, as I feel it captures most genuinely how I feel about my job. After all, being a Larnaca Wedding Photographer is something one cannot do properly if they are not doing it from the heart. This type of photography requires so much more than tools and timing. It demands connection and emotion – something my art never ceases to capture.

Getting married in Larnaca makes for a wonderful experience! This splendid city is known for its palm-tree seafront that provides spectacular views, and its historic buildings such as the Church of Saint Lazarus that looks marvellous as a background for the newlywed’s photo-shoot! Perhaps this is why being a Wedding Photographer in Larnaca is something I feel so passionate about: to be able to mix the exotic and historic backgrounds with the romance of marriage makes for truly cinematic photography!

Therefore, if you are interested in contracting a Larnaca Wedding Photographer who will respect and acknowledge the effort you invested in setting up your wedding, capture life with his photography and stealthily move around to produce beautiful and elegant photos that will last a lifetime, then go ahead and book my services. You can also find me on my Blog or Facebook Page, where you can learn more!

Yamen & Desiree's Wedding at the Lebay Beach Hotel

Have you at any point ventured into an old church and felt a rush of tranquility wash over you? The buzz of human movement stills and abruptly, you recall the interminable soul inside you. You feel God in the quiet between the notes of our bustling human lives.

This is one of the numerous reasons why I love having the chance to work in noteworthy places of worship, as I did during Yamen and Desiree’s Lebanese wedding in Larnaca. In spite of the clamor of the wedding visitors, one can in any case feel an imperishable quietness inside the limits of the congregation’s stone dividers, and it makes a blessed air that supports the old ceremonies of marriage. This quality was particularly ground-breaking at the area Yamen and Desiree decided to state their promises: Before shooting wedding photography at The Lebay Hotel in Larnaca, I was welcome to go with them to perhaps the most seasoned temples in Cyprus, the Church of St. Lazarus.

Once Yamen and Desiree had submitted their association to love’s everlasting realm, I rose up out of the congregation to wrap up the couple’s wedding photography at Lebay Hotel in Larnaca—a sumptuous setting that neglects the Mediterranean. As the sun set over the lilac-blue rushes of the ocean, everybody in participation started to move and celebrate, rising over with a delight that knows neither time nor limits. Despite the fact that the gathering would be over very soon, for Yamen and Desiree, another life is simply starting…

Venue: Lebay Beach Hotel

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Constantinos & Veronica's Wedding in Tochni, Larnaca

Today, we’re utilized to the possibility of weddings as being unrestrained issues, parties intended to incorporate the couple’s entire more distant family and their whole system of companions—however as I learned while shooting this bohemian wedding in Tochni, the other side of the coin can be similarly as delightful. As should be obvious from the moving feelings apparent in the pictures underneath, an exclusive arrangement awards couples more opportunity to communicate and reveal their spirits during their wedding service: After each of the, couple of us feel great showing our most profound and most delicate considerations and sentiments before a group.

Veronica and Constantinos hush up, careful, yet profoundly cherishing individuals. While they and their family said little to me with words, in each mindful touch I saw shared between the individuals from this little gathering, I felt a feeling of significant motivation… Simple minutes like the family styling each other’s hair, spreading out apparel and embellishments, grinning with their eyes land, or resting nicely, seriously, as though contemplating the massiveness of adoration itself—these valuable impressions all met up to cause me to feel like I had been welcomed into some mystery, holy space.

This is the spirit of any genuinely conventional Cypriot wedding: The information that by the day’s end, your wedding isn’t tied in with flaunting your riches or status, nor is it about having a long list if people to attend or the most glamourous inn for a setting. It’s about you, your mate, and the individuals who have raised and sustained you both with the goal that you may one day proceed to support one another. It’s about wonderment and calm reflection as much for what it’s worth about glad music and moving—that respectful trade of hands, hearts, psyches, and promises as two individuals desert their previous lifestyles to begin once more, together.

Venue: Tochni Village Church Platio

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Andreas & Gina's Wedding at Ktima Demetriou

For Gina, the wonderful bride in this wedding photography in Larnaca, destiny was at that point on her side before they met. She and her dear companions chose to arrange a pre-Christmas celebration before returning to Cyprus for their Christmas occasions. The third-year understudies arranged and one of her companions who facilitated the gathering knew Andreas and welcomed him also. The various folks knew Andreas aside from Gina. They had gone for espresso days before the gathering, yet Gina skipped on the grounds that she needed to consider. Much to her dismay destiny was adjusting her spirit to meet another astounding soul.

At the gathering, the incomprehensible occurred. Andreas went into the room, and Gina felt something uncommon, she didn’t understand Andreas was thirty minutes late. She stood up and presented herself as she was the one in particular who didn’t have any acquaintance with him. They quickly clicked, and Gina found another BFF for the entire night. They gabbed together, and they spend time with one another throughout the night.

Destiny did the outlandish. Their characters coordinated and acknowledged they shared a great deal for all intents and purpose and had a ton to discuss, which couldn’t be depleted in one night. For a very long time I have been a Larnaca wedding picture taker, I have never heard a story so contacting and captivating. To me, destiny has never been so kind or uncovering like it was between these two perfect partners. Their story lit up my heart, and during their delightful wedding photography in Larnaca, I was unable to hold on to hear more and mirror this on their breathtaking wedding pictures. It doesn’t end there in any case.

Venue: Ktima Demetriou

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