My christening photography in Cyprus is tailored to the desires of each and every one of my clients. 

I take into account your unique preferences and wishes to ensure you are left with a stunning christening album and video that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Imagine that wonderful moments have no limits of time and space. Nothing can beat the experience of seeing the start of your baby’s adventure through life, and this adventure starts on the christening day. Simply close your eyes and try to travel back in time over and over again, to relive those emotional moments.

Alternatively, you could browse through the pages of your baby’s beautiful christening photography album as you and your family watch the movie from the christening. Relive the magic of that special day as you remember, moment for moment, the day your child was baptised before your loved ones and under God’s loving gaze.

Your baby’s christening is a unique event both in your life and in your baby’s life, and I believe that this event needs to be put “on film”, as I like to say here at Cristian Dascalu Photography.

My approach to christening photography in Cyprus is simple – to gain natural, authentic film and images of this very important day and to focus on the little details that made that day so memorable. With a combination of high-speed photography and state-of-the-art equipment, I am able to capture these precious moments as they unravel.

Nothing motivates me more than to see the reactions of the parents as they view the first samples from their baby’s christening. Better still is the response that you receive when they see the complete album for the first time, captured in my authentic way.


I go to great lengths to ensure that all of my christening photography in Cyprus is unique, genuine and captivating. If you like my style and my beautiful christening photography portfolio, please contact me and I will respond to all questions as quickly as possible!