Photography, as the word itself, coming from the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning “light”, and γραφή (graphê), meaning “drawing, writing”, which means “drawing with light”.

Cyprus is an amazing island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea that has 320 sunny days every year and I absolutely love it. My favourite time for shooting beach photography in Cyprus is about two hours before the golden hour as well as during the golden hour – you get amazing colours combined with wonderful, natural lighting and incredible skies.

Just imagine how beautifully you can combine the amazing colours of the Mediterranean Sea with the rocks & cliffs of the island. The blue of the ocean with the yellows and oranges of the sea provide you with an amazing contrast and a vivid harmony. Or again, let’s do an exercise of imagination and try to put in your mind a green winery on a cloudy day with a dramatic sky, and in the middle of that day is a beautiful lady with a red dress – this will result in a stunning contrast of colours and an amazing composition.

The opportunities to capture beach photography in Cyprus are vast and compelling. Whether you want a photo-shoot amongst the exquisite grounds of a hotel or against the natural shoreline of a desolate beach, the options are simply infinite.

Photography is just as much about being creative as it is about noticing the minor details that surround us. It allows you to see how much beauty there really is in the world, and when combined with a loving couple, a newly born baby or a happy family, it has the potential to leave you with some riveting and breath-taking photography.

I like to think that I differentiate myself from other photographers by capturing my subjects in Cyprus’ gorgeous light and providing them with a stress-free photography experience which will result in superb images that they will treasure forever.


If you like my portfolio and are interested in beach photography in Cyprus, please do not hesitate to contact me to discover more about my sessions.