For portrait photography in Cyprus that you will love, there is the one-on-one experience offered by Cristian Dascalu Photography…

A beautiful portrait starts with the perfect lighting, expression and composition. When you skilfully combine all of these elements you are left with the most beautiful portrait photography that is striking, emotive and quite simply breath-taking.

Have you ever looked at perfectly posed, evenly lit studio portrait photography and found yourself thinking that there’s something missing? You know the sort of photos I mean: Yearbook images, graduation images, and other run-of-the-mill portrait photography Cyprus residents accept as part of life. These images always seem to capture how the subject looks, but not who they are. There’s a reason for this: Portrait photography is about much more than just technical perfection. It’s a combination of photographic skill and the willingness to sit down and really get to know your subject. It’s the ability to set others at ease and to learn what makes them laugh, what makes them feel wistful, and what moves them.

I believe that we all have a unique power within us—a power of expression and originality—and as a professional portrait photographer in Cyprus, it’s my job to unlock that power and channel it through my lens. When I attempt to shoot portrait photography Cyprus clients will treasure, I know that the experience is ultimately about them and not myself. It’s an opportunity for my subjects to get to know more about themselves, to unlock hidden aspects of who they are and reflect on their journeys as people.

Because I value individuality and the human spirit so highly, I believe that everyone is beautiful. Whether my subject is young or old, single or married, male or female, as a professional portrait photographer in Cyprus, I dedicate myself to capturing their unique essence. In my mind, there is no such thing as an unphotogenic person—there are only people who haven’t found the right portrait photographer yet.

When you receive a collection of portrait photographs from Cristian Dascalu Photography, it’s my hope that you will see not only beautiful images, but also a reflection of your soul. To that end, I make a great effort to personalise every portrait photography session so that it matches the individual needs and wishes of my clients. I’m also unafraid to leave the studio behind and embrace the warmth and natural softness that sunlight adds to any portrait—so don’t hesitate to suggest outdoor shooting locations when you work with Cristian Dascalu Photography. I own a complete portable professional studio, so I can effectively bring the amenities of my studio to you, whether that’s in a park or the comfort of your own home. So, tell me—Where do you want to meet, and when do you want to begin telling the story of “You”?

If you like my portfolio and are interested in portrait photography in Cyprus session, please do not hesitate to contact me for discovering more about my sessions.