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I’m assuming you are here on this page because you are engaged and you’re on the lookout for an Ayia Napa Wedding Photographer. Cyprus is personally one of my favourite counties in the world, therefore I decided to live here with my family and so mixing my passion for the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus and wedding photography when I shoot here I’m totally in my element.

Before I go on to talk about how unbelievably beautiful the East Coast of Cyprus (Aphrodite`s Island or The Island of Love) is or why you’ve decided to have your wedding there, I would like to congratulate you firstly on your engagement.



Unmistakably here on this page around my work you’ll see photographs I’ve taken at weddings on the stunning East Coast of Cyprus and especially in Ayia Napa. In case you’d like to see more of my work from other weddings around Cyprus at that point, check out my wedding photography blog, where I publish all my work. In case you need to know a small more on how I approach a wedding you’ll discover the out on my FAQ page, section weddings.



Sebastian & Ava’s Wedding at the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Ayia Napa

At the point when love develops in the heart, destiny obeys and predetermination answers. During this Olympic Lagoon Wedding Photography, Sebastian made his pledges to adore Ava till death, promising to take her to the pinnacle of the mountain where she could contact the skies. At exactly that point would she be helped to remember the quality she sees when she investigates Sebastian’s eyes.

To Ava, Sebastian is the incidental diamond concealed a profound among the sands holding back to be found by her and just her. Their astonishing wedding occurred at the stunning Olympic Lagoon Resort in Ayia Napa. Their quest for an Ayia Napa Wedding Photographer drove them to my entryway. It was a lovely and bright wedding with everybody looking brilliant, glad, and fabulous without a doubt. Ava was wearing a Justin Alexander complex and rich wedding dress while Sebastian was wearing an exquisite custom fitted made suit.

This wedding was proof of a solid bond between two individuals in affection. A bond not effectively broken starting with fire making it an extreme and amazing power that can’t be denied. Their affection had them fly away with one another, leaving the past returning home, with Ava is promising she’s all his and Sebastian hers to hold.

Venue: Olympic Lagoon Resort Ayia Napa



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For Marcus East, the journey that prompted this lovely wedding at Asterias Beach Hotel started with the longing to be the absolute best man he could be. Continuously determined by a feeling of individual reason, he realized that having a degree from Cambridge and a flourishing vocation in the UK wasn’t his last goal throughout everyday life—The more extensive world had more prominent open doors hanging tight for him.

At some point, as Marcus was perusing LinkedIn for new associations, he saw he had a message from a lady named Alina, an effective business improvement director for a product building organization in Belarus. With his sharp inclination for innovation, Marcus quickly realized that he and Alina had a mutual enthusiasm. Marcus was quickly attracted to Alina’s mix of appeal of splendour, while Alina valued his drive, idealism, and want to investigate his general surroundings.

In spite of the fact that the couple realised they were beginning to look all starry eyed at, they were as yet astonished by the profundity of their association when they at long last met face to face. Their first dates and a sentimental week spent in Italy just affirmed what they previously accepted where it counts in: This was love, and it was intended to last.

However, as this cosy wedding photography in Ayia Napa uncovers, obviously regardless of where Marcus’ fantasies take him, he realises his actual home is next to Alina. For adoration is the excursion that fills in as its own motivation and goal; it’s the best possibility we need to investigate the concealed corners of ourselves and find potential we didn’t realise we had. For Marcus and Alina, the experience has just barely started…

Venue: Asterias Beach Hotel


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At the point when we think about the word ‘Odyssey,’ we envision steadiness and persistence of legendary extents. Stories like the Odyssey are frequently introduced as minor representative tales from an easier time, yet on the off chance that you investigate your general surroundings, you’ll see that the suffering heart of adoration will pulsate similarly as solid today as it did a great many years back.

Take Alexis and Christiana, for instance, the subjects of this Grecian Park Hotel wedding photography. Their journey started more than 15 years back, when a youngster changed his secondary school class just to be nearer to the young lady who had caught his creative mind.

What began as Alexis being enamoured by Christiana’s moving eyes and streaming earthy coloured hair before long bloomed into a genuine sentiment—one with a profundity that gave a false representation of their years. Too bad, a similar domain that united them—the study hall—was going to isolate them. Christiana needed to go to class in Serres, Greece, while Alexis stayed in Ioannina. Be that as it may, where most undergrads would have floated separated, occupied by new companions and long periods of pouring over books, these two darlings were resolved to hang on.

Together Christiana and Alexis discovered that miles amount to nothing when your heart is bursting at the seams with affection and expectation. Maybe that is the reason, after the couple were at long last rejoined everlastingly, they chose to celebrate with one more journey — Only this one would be taken together. In a demonstration of idyllic imagery that would fit any extraordinary fantasy, the two youthful sweethearts wound up neglecting the Grand Canyon, safe underneath the wings of the “Hallowed Eagle,” when they at last got ready for marriage.

The next part is that they got back, with plans to marry encompassed by loved ones alongside the ocean the two of them love. As you look through the Grecian Park Hotel wedding photography beneath and look at the shots of the stunning Ayioi Anargyroi church where Alexis and Christiana became “one flesh, according to God,” recollect this: There is no separation in this world so immense that affection can’t profoundly take off over it.

Venue: Grecian Park Protaras



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