When love grows in the heart, fate obeys and destiny answers. During this Olympic Lagoon Wedding Photography, Sebastian made his vows to love Ava till death, promising to take her to the peak of the mountain where she could touch the skies. Only then would she be reminded of the strength she sees when she looks into Sebastian’s eyes.

To Ava, Sebastian is the accidental gem hidden deep among the sands waiting to be found by her and only her. Their amazing wedding took place at the iconic Olympic Lagoon Resort in Ayia Napa. Their search for an Ayia Napa Wedding Photographer led them to my door. It was a beautiful and colorful wedding with everyone looking smart, happy, and glamorous to say the least. Ava was wearing a Justin Alexander sophisticated and elegant wedding dress while Sebastian was wearing an elegant tailored made suit.

Family and friends had waited for this day in anticipation to become witnesses of a love that defied all odds and went beyond boundaries. The day was emotional for everyone who knew the couple, and some couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Despite everything they went through, the couple had a love so strong nothing dared to come in between. Held together by love, prayers, and support from close friends and family, the day arrived and became a success for everyone.

Just like words and lovely notes give life to any song, Sebastian and Ava completed each other. The Olympic Lagoon Wedding photography took place at the Ayia Tekla Church and the beach around it as well as the Olympic Lagoon Resort itself. Love was evident during the wedding and all the photography sessions the couple was in. The long-awaited moment by Sebastian and Ava where they would be pronounced as husband and wife officially sent quivers to their bodies as they say. A feeling like no other experienced in the most profound way witnessed by friends and family and captured by the Ayia Napa Wedding Photographer.

This wedding was evidence of a strong bond between two people in love. A bond not easily broken sparking with fire making it an intense and powerful force that can’t be denied. Their love had them fly away with each other leaving the past getting home, with Ava promising she’s his to keep and Sebastian hers to hold.