This Elegant Elopement Shoot in Limassol shows us how Love gets many shapes and many directions. It has colour and brights the days of any soul ready to surrender to its magic. The adventure of Julia and Dror is one of the many loves that were born out of pure feelings.

Once they set an eye on a Limassol wedding photographer, one that will resonate with their love story, the story could begin. From that point on it was easy to draw in pictures their smiles, their natural way of being around each other. They were complete, they were one. Julia was the extension of Dror, he so man holds her hand and she so kindly follows him.

In good or bad, love shows its strength, you could feel this around them. Their spirit engages all their body in a dance of gratitude for finding their way.

This elegant elopement shooting in Limassol was meant to be the witness of happy times, times that will return over and over again when arms and hugs will lessen a bit because this is what time does.

Also brings knowledge into a relationship, her mind is his mind, her fears become his fears. All this disappears when you see them walking alongside. They are so sure, so ready to embark in their marriage, which took place at Yermasoyia Municipality. They wanted sea, freshness into their lungs so suitable for this beginning. Their body showed care, respect, patience, their eyes showed closeness, depth.

As a photographer the best place for them was The Old Port area which has all the perfume fallen on them. The greens, the blues, the yellows, no filters, raw nature perfectly to square their gloomy souls.

They are young, inside they are still children, we all want to believe that we will never lose our inner innocence, they did not, the proof is in the frame portrait, such marvelous transparency. They remind us the story of how children see “falling in love”.

They believe that he and she come from different planets. When they fall in love, they visit each other planet, if they like it, they stay, but they bring all their things with them (cat, cloths, paintings, chairs, tables, pot flowers, dreams, feelings).

Now they are leaving on one planet, so nicely surprised by sky and concrete, air and earth.  Universe carved up a path for them to follow and though they wandered and got lost, they finally found the one way, where the light will never dim.

They vowed to be each other’s happiest and celebrated  this through an Elegant Elopement Shoot in the serene Limassol City.