True love exists and feelings are always there. Its all come to light when someone holds your hand and makes you understand what you are feeling. When everything doesn’t make sense until they gaze in your eyes and it all makes sense. Pedro looked at Natasha deep in the eyes and made her feel so wise, so special unveiling all the love she had for him. Their lover journey making them stronger leading them to this Winter Elopement Photography in Cyprus.

These two can’t possibly deny each other even during the darkest nights. Words don’t have to come out of their mouths. A simple gaze is enough to tell by the bright smiles coming from both of them. Guess you know it’s true love when all you want is to share every moment you have together.

This energetic couple travelled the world and when they landed in Cyprus, their love illuminated. They decided to elope and get married just the two of them in Limassol. Their search for a Wedding Photographer in Limassol led them to my doorstep.

The two got married at Yermasoyia Municipality and for their Winter Elopement Photography in Cyprus, the decided to get some shots in Limassol Marina Area and Limassol Old Port.

This is one of the couples who went all in for their elopement. Pedro decided to go with a suit and a bow tie, while Natasha never failed on the white gown coupled with her bright smile and a beautiful bookie of fresh rose flowers. These two had the energy no other elopement couple has ever had in my years of being a Wedding Photographer in Limassol. Their love, passion, and commitment to each other was clearly visible in their eyes.

To Natasha, Pedro was the lost love she was always looking for. All her love lost, found in his eyes, being so wise, she was a little dumb. Deep inside, she knew she couldn’t survive without him. When they are together, the passion in each other’s eyes gave them a reason to smile and survive.