When we’re in love, every moment is beautiful. We begin to notice all of the “little things” we used to take for granted, and we approach life with renewed gratitude and appreciation. We suddenly want to savour each day, never losing a single memory—But we know that, inevitably, time will dull the details of our experiences. To hold onto the best days of our lives, we must find ways to celebrate them, capture them, and create tangible reminders of them.

At Minthis Hills, the same stunning resort where I shot this unique wedding Photography in Paphos in 2017, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to witness one such unforgettable celebration. For Yulia and Gregory, their wedding was a spectacular culmination of the many moments of love, laughter, and joy that had brought them together. It was planned to the last detail to create timeless experiences, enshrined forever in images and precious keepsakes.

Before he met Yulia, Gregory thought he knew what it meant to be satisfied with life—Yet as soon as he placed his hand in hers, he realised there was so much more to life than he had ever imagined. By Yulia’s side, he discovered a whole new dimension of happiness, one filled with endless hope and possibilities. And so, it became the dearest wish of his heart to make their wedding at Minthis Hills reflective of the newfound sense of wonder he had discovered in her arms.

To show Yulia how special she truly is to him, Gregory arranged for Dmitry Kokhno, a famous Belarusian showman and TV host, to fly to Cyprus to entertain his new bride. Gregory penned his vows with warmth and humour, bringing laughter and tears of love to Yulia’s eyes at the same time. And, when the couple shared their first dance as man and wife, they were surrounded by pyrotechnic sparks, falling like vivid white stars all around them. Within that circle of brilliant light, dancing in the darkness, everything else fell away; Yulia and Gregory were lost in each other, two hearts entwined against the backdrop of the universe.

Before their wedding at Minthis Hills came to a close, Gregory revealed that he had one more gift in store for his beloved: Tenderly, he placed a brand new Rolex watch into her hands. He knew that the beautiful timepiece would always be kept close to her skin, its cool, gentle weight a constant reminder of his love for her. With each motion of its hands, it would mark another precious second spent together as husband and wife—Wrapped up in a love that is eternal and unchanging, yet filled with unique, fleeting wonders that will never come again…