Living and loving are two blessings that the couple from this Beautiful Indian Wedding Photography at the Elysium got as fruits of their deeply founded relationship. Kishan and Rupal are two amazing people and lovebirds who take their traditions seriously. The two wanted to get married in Cyprus, but they didn’t want to void their Indian traditions. Every bit of their culture would be felt at their wedding even if they were far from home. This is one promise they made to each other and stuck true to it until the last day.

When travelling and traversing the world, it is great to come across a person from your hometown. It is even better when that person treasures your heritage, and you instantly click. When you are away from home and find this person, home feels closer, and you don’t ever want to feel so far away again, and this was the case for Kishan & Rupal. The two met and became friends then later fell in love. Kishan saw in Rupal a home and decided to make her his home permanently here in Cyprus. As a wedding photographer in Paphos, it was an honour participating in their rich tradition wedding, and the whole occasion was so beautiful and amazing.

The couple stayed at the Elysium Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus, one of the leading hotels in Cyprus. This is also where they got ready, and we decided it was a good place for a photo-shoot after the ceremony. Attending the ceremony since morning, it looked like any other wedding, but things took a swift turn after the vows, and this is where the traditions happened. Everyone got rid of their suits and put on their traditional wedding. To my surprise, the beautiful Indian wedding photography at the Elysium was just beginning. The fun part was her, and everyone brought their best to the game.

The dancing, ululations and the traditional Indian wedding was beautiful. If you had seen the couple in the morning and left to find them in the evening, anyone would believe an entirely different wedding was taking place. Everyone changed into their majestically traditional wear, and the dancing began to welcome the bride and the groom. It is true that when love speaks, it commands and no obstacle can stand in between two people in love. Kishan and Rupal were grateful to the close friends and family who witnessed them tying the knot promising to be there for each other no matter where they go.