When love ignites a spark in the soul, even time bows in respect. This happened in Cyprus a long time ago when Thespina first saw George. That moment is what led to this Whimsical Wedding in Cyprus’ mountains.

Thespina was a young soul when she was taken to Cyprus from South Africa by her parents. She was 15 when she saw George for the first time on the beach. Thespina would wait to see him look her way but he never did. Little did she know, fate had already ignited a spark in George’s heart and all it needed was time to become a flame.

She would leave the island fantasizing him on her mind her thoughts wondering to his beautiful face. The best year of Thespina’s life was when she went for a girls trip to Cyprus during university break and she saw George again. This time it was different since he caught her eye for the first time and it had an effect on her she never expected. When he spoke to her, George swept her off her feet and they spoke till sunrise. The spark had grown in both of them and this is the time they knew they were meant for each other. Saying goodbye was hard and devastating after the holiday as these two souls didn’t know when they would meet again.

True love knows no distance or boundaries and after 3 years of seeing each other after 6 months, Thespina decided to take the leap. Love pushed her to the limit and she quit her job and left her family and friends behind to start a new life with her prince charming George. He proposed in a majestic way on his birthday. A thousand candles twinkling in the moonlight at the edge of the sea and at the end of the candle lit pathway, George was there kneeling down. The words will you marry me written in candle light and it was a spectacular view.

The whimsical wedding in Cyprus mountains took place at the Paradisos’ Hills Hotel. The venue has beautiful surroundings which made this Wedding photography in Paphos great with its breathtaking views and spots all around. The guests and the traditions during the wedding made the day glamourous too with everyone getting amazed by George’s and Thespina’s love.