Out of an ordinary situation, Mikaella and Loizos found love. The Amazing Wedding Photography at Galu happened thanks to a simple haircut that sparked an eternal flame. Since they clicked and fell in love, they swore to never let go. Mikaella carries his heart with her in her heart and is never without it.

Anywhere she goes, she knows the love of her life is there with her in her heart. Loizos confessed he fears no fate for she is his fate. He wants no world for as beautiful as she is, she is his only true world.

Mikaella decided to go with Larnaca as her wedding destination and she made the best choice. Having been here before, she chose St. Nicholas Chapel as her wedding church and asked me to be the Wedding Photographer in Larnaca to handle the Amazing Wedding Photography at Galu.

Honoured by the invitation, the Galu Seaside reception had nothing but sweet memories for me. It was where I had the pleasure to photograph a beautiful Lebanese Wedding for Sara & Rami. It was the first time to enjoy the rich Lebanese traditions during a wedding and Galu Seaside made the memories even better. Sara and Rami wanted to get married here as it was the best destination for them close to Lebanon. They loved a taste of tradition combined with a piece of their love and the results was an amazing Lebanese Wedding at Galu Seaside.

Mikaella knew Galu Seaside even better having visited the place earlier and fell in love with the stunning scenery. The wedding was as colorful and filled with love and emotions only. In her heart, she knew she loved Loizos to the depth, breadth, and height. He is her safe place where her soul can reach whenever she falls out of sight. For his love quenched her most quiet needs. Loizos knows he loves her freely and purely as men strive for right. With the passion of an Italian lover and the faith of a child. As they exchanged vows, the atmosphere changed and a cool breeze filled the air. Their love meant to be showing its true and pure form with mother nature complimenting it with a forever sign.