Lebanese wedding traditions are strong and so bold. In this wedding, the belief is that more is better and there is no such thing as less, the more beautiful, more fun and angry and the grander, the better the wedding is. Sara and Rami knew this, and their love for tradition led them to a beautiful Lebanese Wedding at Galu Seaside.

One of the most amazing and scenic views you will ever see is during a Lebanese wedding. The traditions are awesome, and the peak is felt during the reception. This is where you do the big bangs from fireworks, the Lebanese Zaffe, Zalaouta (ululations) fine dining, dancing and much more.

Sara and Rami wanted to experience their love in such a Lebanese wedding ceremony. They purposed to get married in Cyprus as it is close to Lebanon and there are many beautiful sceneries and venues here. They settled for Galu Seaside a fantastic location, and they went ahead to look for a Wedding Photographer in Larnaca. When we met, love was sparkling through their eyes, and I could easily tell these two were madly in love, and nothing was going to stop them from tying the knot and true to their dreams, their Lebanese wedding at Galu Seaside happened and it was so beautiful and exciting.

The Lebanese Wedding was glamorous. The ululations, the dining, dancing, and the Lebanese Zaffe were the highlight of the wedding reception. Galu seaside made it exciting, and it is also a beautiful place for Wedding Photography in Larnaca. It is located in an amazing seaside with exquisite sea view with a Mediterranean style that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Figuring out how to spend one of the most important days in your life can be an uphill task. However, with love beaming a spotlight on your way and doing everything from the heart out of love, everything becomes easier and smoother. For Sara and Rami, things took a quick turn when they opened their hearts out to each other and let fate lead the way. These two were destined to be together, and all they had to do was let go. Love and fate took care of everything, and all they had to do is follow the way to their new life.

To Sara and Rami, it didn’t matter where their dreams, love, or passion took them. All they knew is that their love was bound to last forever, and nothing would come in between. Wherever they went, these two knew that home is beside each other – laying down together and in that quiet moment feeling their hearts beat in unison an acclamation of their endless love.