Nataly & Peter`s Elegant Wedding at Cap St Georges proved as there is one thread for the needle so is there one love for the heart. When you try to put love into words, it becomes a daunting task. Love is best expressed through actions to the other person you love. Love is unexplainable and even the wisest men can’t explain what it is. It’s like a disease that has no cure except marriage.

Our Paphos wedding photography story today is about an elegant wedding at Cap St Georges where Natalie and Peter cure each other by getting married in a beautiful event filled with love, joy, and a mixture of other joyful emotions. Love is a beautiful thing and everyone in the world has a different way of expressing it.  Cap St Georges Club and Restort is simply a an amazing venue, with stunning views, a breathtaking sunset over the sea, the perfect place to cement a couple`s status, just like in our recent shot there, Simone & Juriaan’s Fascinating Wedding.

When these two souls met, they never knew how strong their connection would be. Before they even knew it, they were best of friends sharing happy moments, laughter and making memories together. Their friendship fostered into a beautiful flower called love. Before they admitted it, life had shown them how amazing it would be living by each other’s side. Peter went for it going down on one knee and Natalie was lost for words. When she could finally talk out of the tears of joy, she said an astounding “Yes” and their fate was sealed.

Love is a language that only the heart and soul understand. Natalie and Peter had an elation, a need to be with each other, and the deep rooted happiness knowing they were partners for life. The elegant wedding at Cap St. Georges was attended by close friends and family from the young to the elderly. They couldn’t hide the joy they had for the couple.

As Natalie walked down the aisle, Peter almost burst out in tears, but he managed to contain himself. A big, warm smile could be seen on his shining face. The joy inside him could be felt from a distance. Natalie on the other hand was beautiful and gorgeous emanating a warm spirit of love as she walked down to meet Peter. This time, the Paphos Wedding photography story took a nice turn looking more like a classic wedding. A day lasts up until its chased away by love and hours feel like seconds while days feel like minutes. Love, on the other hand lasts until the grave.