Loving and being loved are the best feelings in the world. As much as love is a private affair, it doesn’t shy from showing off in public. No matter how you try to hide it, the fruits are always super ripe and show in public where a lot of people desire of the same. This private villa wedding photography in Cyprus is a great indication of a private love affair. The only guests here were the family members and close friends.

Marriage is an intimate affair and nothing offers as much privacy as a villa. With hotels and resorts, there are areas where the general public have access to so your private wedding might not be so private. A villa on the other hand has controlled access leaving you and your guests uninterrupted and only attended by those you hold close and dear. A villa ensures you are in the company you choose right from the start to the end.

If you want amazing pictures for your wedding, go for a villa. This private villa wedding photography offered a lot of amazing sceneries, backdrops and nature not offered by resorts, hotels, or wedding gardens with a lot of interaction with the general public.

It’s during this private villa wedding photography in Cyprus everyone gets to understand the meaning of real love. It is a secret told by one heart and only understood by one heart as well secretly guarded by the other. It is when your hand is held in the right way at the perfect time assuring everything will be okay without uttering a single word.

When Andrea and Anthony met, they knew where they did belong, by each other’s side. With each other, holding hands mesmerizing to the tunes of their hearts in sync, there is nothing to fear. Everything so clear Anthony a romantic man doing all he can to show Andrea for sure that his love for her is pure and glitters. Ready and willing to do all it takes not worrying about the stakes knowing it’s her and only her that he wants.

The wedding photography in Larnaka was amazing, the privacy underestimated and the scenery breathtaking. Anthony and Andrea walked down the aisle, took their vows, and kissed after union in privacy not worrying about interruptions by a tourist wearing shorts or kids running scrambling for their kites.