Expressing your love to someone you love is great. Andreas and Andrea met and their hearts touched. When it comes to letting each other know how they feel, they both became speechless. Emotions ran high surging through the body, making them feel deep in their hearts.

It is these emotions that led to this Emotional Wedding In Lefkara. Their love gave existence a meaning making each other feel loved and strengthening their bond.

These two amazing souls fell in love and knew they had found their soul mates. She opened her heart to him and allowed him to live in it without paying any rent. Andreas on the other hand, saw a soul mate in her. He understood that getting someone you love and who loves you back is so wonderful. It is however not better than finding a soul mate. A true soulmate is someone who gets you like no other and loves you like no other. The person who will always be by your side forever, no matter what. Their search for a Wedding Photographer In Larnaca led the two to my doorstep and I welcomed them with open arms.

As she smiled, her radiant smile brightened the room and gave life to Andreas. You could tell that when he looked at her, he saw the rest of his life flash through his eyes and he couldn’t be happier. They stole each other’s heart and making a perfect crime. She gave him the kind of feelings that people only pen down in novels. It is then he realized that love doesn’t try to dominate but instead, it cultivates. She was made of magic, the kind that only he would see and it made him overjoyed.

The Emotional Wedding In Lefkara took place at the biggest church in Lefkara – The Church of the Holly Cross and Ktima Christoudia hosted their reception. The church was a perfect venue for such kind of love while the reception venue hosted the union nicely. As they said their vows, Andrea promised to take care of Andreas forever until the day they die. And if it is God’s will, he would take care of her even after death. She knew she needed not to worry for she was already in his heart. She is everything that brings a smile on his face and happiness in his heart.