When a couple is in love, a lot happens. Destiny has a way of reuniting people and bringing them together if they are destined to be together. This is the case with Machi & Shaun. Their love journey started when they met in Japan, where Shaun was attached to work.

Shaun was in the middle of chaos, but in the middle of his storm, Machi showed up. Their love bloomed, and her love awakened his soul. Their love story gives us the Sunset After-Wedding Photos in Paphos today.

Shaun moved from the UK to Japan for work, but Japan became his home. It is where his love resided, and he felt in the right place with her. Her love made him reach for more. It planted a kind of fire in his heart and brought peace to his mind. That is all Micah hoped to give him forever. She gave him the type of assurance that no matter what happens, she’ll always be there for him.

They moved in together and stayed in Japan for six years. All this time, Shaun knew he had found the love of his life. He knew that to love is nothing, but to love and be loved back is everything. It is an experience he got from the day they met until they got married.

The couple decided to get married, and they moved to the UK. During their lovely wedding, they didn’t have time to capture all those intimate moments. The lovely couple took a vacation in Cyprus to recreate those moments. As a Wedding Photographer in Paphos, they contacted me, and we got ready for these powerful moments.

The Sunset After-Wedding Photos in Paphos brought out their true love. When together, the couple strives to hide the love and affection they have for each other. However, the photo session brought it out for us to see. We started at Amavi Hotel; the made for two hotel in Paphos, which is stunning. We later went for sunset photos at St. Nicholas Church in Paphos. Shaun and Machi have a love for each other the world has never seen. When she looks into his eyes, it’s evident their love won, for their love travelled for miles from one continent to the other. They never gave up on each other, and at last, victory got delivered at their doorstep.