Love overcomes any obstacles in life. If it is the destiny of two people to be together, nothing can come between them and this is proven by these Blissful Wedding Photos in Limassol. This is a story of love that is patient, strong, and overcoming. For Romy and Mahmood, no obstacle was too great for their love and they conquered even the fiercest of storms to be together forever.

These lovebirds met in Dubai 6 years ago when Romy was on vacation and looking for a job trying to relocate to Dubai. The two first met at a company party where Romy’s best friend worked and she liked him. Romy didn’t stay for so long in Dubai and went back home waiting for a job offer. When she went back to Dubai, they met again and the spark rekindled.

The two were lovebirds for long, but in a cage and they needed to be set free before looking for a Wedding Photographer in Limassol. Their nationality and religion differences became obstacles that would put their love to the test up until the end. They had to work extra hard to convince both parents that their love was strong and above these small details.

After five years together, their parents finally agreed and they became two lovebirds free and flying in the air. Their love finally borne fruits and Mahmood proposed in Dubai, where they decided to get married after two months. There was no time to waste as they had gone through a lot to give us these Blissful Wedding Photos in Limassol.

Romy admits to thinking of Mahmood all the time. From morning when the first sunlight rays spill like a beautiful waterfall and settle in her eyes, to the evening when the fading sun rays warms her skin and causes her eyes to close with love and tenderness.

As a Wedding Photographer in Limassol, the day came and love filled the air. Romy had her dream wedding with close friends and family members surrounding them. Mahmood made his vows admitting the feelings he had for Romy. A deep feeling making him shake at the knees. His love for her keeping him going strong knowing when she is with him, nothing could go wrong.