People ask, how do you know if your love is true or if you are just fooling yourself? Well, the answer to this might be complicated for some people while it is easy for others. Today, true love gives us Fairytale After-Wedding Photos in Paphos.

Alyona and Dmytri became friends first before they fell in love head first. Someone would tell their love was true right from the word go and not an infatuation. Whenever these two looked at each other in the eye the happiness was well visible. They make each other’s life beautiful and wonderful and they are so much in love.

Dmytri loved Alyona for who she was and her eyes told it all. Talking to him during the Fairytale After-Wedding Photos in Paphos, her eyes told him everything. As her eyes illuminated with love, the glow told him that she was going to love him every day and no matter what may come, she would be there to stay. She on the other hand understood that to love is to share a lifetime together. To build special plans meant for two, work side by side with love and support then smile with pride as their dreams come true one by one.

As a Wedding Photographer in Paphos, it was an honor to experience this kind of pure love. Despite the pandemic hitting and disrupting public gatherings, nothing was going to stop these two from getting married. The Fairytale After-Wedding Photos in Paphos can tell it all. This is a couple so in love that life almost makes no sense when they are apart. Her smile as she looks up in his eyes and the glow in his eyes as he sighs to catch a breath staring at the beauty in front of him is spectacular. The wedding took place regardless of the pandemic and it illuminated the atmosphere. Family and friends were happy and wished the couple blessings and a great life together which is what these two lovebirds purpose to achieve.

Fairytale After-Wedding Photos in Paphos took place at the elegantly stunning Elysium Hotel one of the best wedding destinations that as a Wedding Photographer in Paphos I can recommend. Having photographed other couples in the hotel, it is a reminder that true love wins. It is a spectacle for the eye, a destination with such nice views that make you fall in love even more.