Falling in love is a great feeling, but knowing someone you love loves you back, even more, is fantastic. This is the case behind this Intimate Lebanese wedding in Cyprus. The couple, Elias and Cosette fell in love, but were afraid of confessing their love to each other. Instead, they became friends, but after some time, their friendship grew into something they couldn’t ignore anymore. Their love became apparent more than ever, and they both went for it. And nothing could separate them.

When you are in love, nothing else matters. Love brings a sense of peace and fills the air with an aroma not felt by any other person but you. The heart blinds everything else out, and all you can do is be happy and enjoy your love. This is what happened with Elias and Cosette. The only thing they needed was to tie the knot and enjoy their marriage forever and ever. Their love was made to last, and when they made plans for the Intimate Lebanese Wedding in Cyprus, they made sure only the most important people in their lives came to witness. These are the people who mattered most to them, and they were as supportive.

Their journey began by finding a wedding photographer in Ayia Napa area, and I was pleased to get the honour. After this, all the other preparations were as smooth as they could have imagined. With support from close friends and family, they settled for an Intimate Lebanese Wedding in Cyprus. This is where the Maronite Lebanese traditions would be held.

For those not aware of some wedding traditions, they include stomping on the feet of the guests by the couple to show the end of their single life and the Zaffe where the bride and groom would make a grand entrance to the reception as the friends and family clap and make their way to the dancefloor. The fireworks are also an important part of the Maronite Lebanese Wedding as well as the fine dining and dancing. However, due to Covid-19 Pandemic, some if these wedding traditions were kept to minimal.

They then settled for a chappel in Protaras – St. Andreas, which is a beautiful and amazing church. Their getting ready for the wedding as well as their photoshoot took place at on the grounds of the beautiful Cavo Zoe Hotel in Protaras which is a perfect venue for any Wedding Photographer in Ayia Napa area. The amazing sceneries, cool breeze from the sea and the scenic views came out perfectly in the pictures and video.

Elias and Cosette are two lovebirds who know how to make each other feel special. With that and the Intimate Lebanese Wedding in Cyprus happening, all that was left to do is enjoy being by each other’s side for the rest of their lives.