Love makes one realize that people are like huge cities. Everyone has gardens, alleys and secret rooftops coupled with sidewalks where daisies sprout between the cracks. However, most of the time, we hide so much and let others see a simple glimpse of the skyline or the polished square. This Elegant Elopement in Cyprus Photography shows true love that made the couple feel safe in each other’s hand. Safe enough to open the locks to their truest selves and step out. Their love outgrew their comfort zones and they had no option than to be completely honest with themselves about who they are and they decided to elope.

Nothing was going to contain them any longer and they chose one of the best destinations to elope in, Cyprus. In their search for a wedding Photographer in Cyprus, we crossed paths with the couple and their story made me overjoyed. Eloping in Cyprus is one of the best decisions they made. It is a beautiful destination with stunning sceneries that make you fall in love even more. Life Isn’t the same again if you visit Cyprus as a couple or you decide to elope in Cyprus.

Amita and Kristian decided to elope in the radiance of a sunshine that warmed their skins. The tentatively blue-white clouds which peeked alarmingly from around protecting their love making them realize how good they were together.

With love filled in the air, we agreed on the set date for the elopement and the couple was mesmerized. Eloping in Cyprus is good, but with a professional photographer to help you keep the moments alive. The Elegant Elopement in Cyprus Photography happened with no guests and at this time, the need for a great Wedding Photographer in Paphos became evident. Any elopement requires a great photographer since there are no guests to take the pictures. The wedding photographer makes the moment lively before, during, and after. You get a piece of the moment which you will probably share with close friends or family or your kids in the future. The pictures at the Elegant Elopement in Cyprus Photography tell a fairy tale. A story of two soul mates with locks that fit each other’s keys and keys that fit their locks. They felt safe enough to show who they are and no matter what was going on around them, Amita and Kristian knew that with each other, they are safe in their own paradise. Amita shared Kristian’s deep longings and his sense of direction.