Their love brought us to these Intimate Wedding Moments at Grecian Park. The couple decided to make their vows in an elegant and exciting manner in front of their family and close friends only. These are the people who did stick closer to them more than ever during their love journey that led them to me, an Ayia Napa Wedding Photographer.

There is an absolute human certainty that no one can perceive their own beauty. This is until this beauty is reflected back to the beholder through the mirror of another loving and caring human. Hayley and Glen slipped briskly into an intimacy where they never recovered.

They decided to get married at the Grecian Park Hotel, which is one of the best hotels on the island. The hotel, located opposite the National Park of Cape Greco is a five-star hotel with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.The hotel has excellent services with a wealth of amenities and topping all these are fantastic views from the garden where the Intimate Wedding Moments at Grecian Park took place.

Everything about this couple, the wedding setting, the outfits and the guest list was amazing. The two hold close their families and that’s one reason they decided to do a wedding in the presence of their family and close friends only.

Their outfits were bold, especially for the gents who choose to do shorts from the elderly to the young. Everyone present at this wedding was vibrant, letting out a lot of positive energy filling the air with an aroma of love.

Hayley and Glen knew that the whole point of love and the deep passion they have for each other is to serve each other in love and growth and in better ways. Like Karrie Marie once said, one day you will find a man that will kiss you and you can’t breathe without him by your side. At that time, even that breath was of little consequence if he isn’t around and Glen was this man to Hayley.

This wedding was a true definition of love. A sparkle lit from the eyes powered from deep within the roots of the heart. Seek not to find love, but to find all the barriers in you that you have built against love itself.