It is always amazing to see love blossom at such a young age. The intense of love at this time intensifies with every second of the day. Today’s couple brought us an elegant Nissi Beach Resort Wedding and showed us that the best feelings are those we have no words to describe them. A couple who have an understanding of love, an idea of marriage the fact its two souls and a single thought woven together and two hearts beat in sync as one.

Leigh and Darren met and felt a desire. A strong connection towards each other but could only explain it as a desire. Its intensity so strong like a thirst waiting to be quenched. Before they knew it, they were in love and the desire they felt wanted nothing but to be fulfilled yet alight and glowing. It’s a desire each one felt and wanted to burn in their hearts every night. Love manifested in their hearts and got woven in their souls. Being together became a dream and it entered the hearts without warning. It’s a dream that each one of them want to wake up with each morning.

His love for her so great that he needs so many days to say, to express an eternity. When their love blossomed, they decided to let it explode and show publicly and led us to this elegant Nissi Beach Resort wedding. The wedding venue offers one of the best and most magnificent beaches on the island. It is a perfect setting for wedding celebrations committed to making your weddings as seamless as possible. As a wedding photographer in Ayia Napa, I have had the opportunity to capture other weddings here and it’s an amazing experience every time. Leigh and Darren didn’t disappoint when their turn came and their colorful wedding added spice to the celebrations.

As they entered into a little world which they promised to make brighter for each other, their love was their start and pact. They gave love and reciprocated it enriching Darren the Lover and Leight the beloved. Their vow was as long as they are together, nothing in the world is impossible for them for the love they have removes all the burdens out of it making the roughest paths smooth. Here, they can travel hand in hand seamlessly wade through the tide for love their bond will never let them down.