True love is deliberate and goes beyond every barrier in the world. James & Grace didn’t let the global pandemic come in between them. They went through the unknown and came out victorious in love. The Covid-19 pandemic wedding photography happened despite global panic and terror, giving these two souls the best moments in their lives to remember.

Of course, things weren’t as smooth as it sounds for this lovely couple. As a wedding photographer in Paphos, the pandemic was brought a sudden stop to weddings, and even their visit caught me as a surprise. This is one reason I decided to give this Covid-19 Pandemic Wedding Photography story photographed in the middle of a pandemic at the beautiful Elysium Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. The two were in the middle of planning for their perfect wedding when the pandemic came, and the entire world went on a global shutdown.

This obstacle challenged the couple enormously, but their love grew even bigger. Forbidden to love by the pandemic, but their love young and wild getting them closer every day. Their journey to the wedding was so hard, like walking on shards, but their love courageously walked through for miles until they graced Cyprus with their love.

Being a wedding photographer in Paphos, I usually spend a lot of time with the couple preparing for the day. We plan and reminisce on how the shots will be taken and where to take the best shots, but with James and Grace, this wasn’t the case. There was no hurry after the wedding and we had all the time to take amazing photos. It felt as if the two lived in a fantasy as the Covid-19 Pandemic Wedding Photography was incredible. For long, they had to hold out and fantasize about life, sleeping and waking up beside each other. The day has now come and the smile on their faces brightened the beautiful Elysium Hotel sceneries. They did beat all the odds. They conquered and through it all, love came out on top, overflowing from their hearts spread out by their smiles on the day.

This wasn’t an ordinary wedding, so James and Grace decided to do something unusual. The Covid-19 Wedding Photography was started by the arrival of the groom holding the wedding rings. The majestic arrival of the bride followed and she slowly marched towards the aisle. A wedding simple yet elegance filled the air fueling their emotions. After they were announced “husband and wife,” the whole place overflowed with emotions. It was love on another level as James leaned in to kiss the bride. The ceremony was short and with no more than six people including the Wedding photographer in Paphos to help observe the regulations to avoid the spread of the virus.