Have you ever taken care of one of those weddings deliberately arranged and very well customised? This was the type of wedding that leaves everyone wishing for a wedding of their own. Every aspect of this Stunning Wedding Photography at the Elysium was incredible. Fayth and Patrick are two great souls who fell in love and radiated each other’s heart with joy, happiness and inner peace that they had no option other than to tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives in each other’s arms.

These two souls decided to make it official after being in love for long, and they wanted to share their joy and happiness with their beloved family and friends. The love they shared was beyond feelings. True love to these two isn’t just feelings, it is a decision to prioritise the welfare and interest of the other continually — loving words backed by loving actions between these two amazing people.

The stunning wedding photography at the Elysium was scheduled by Fayth who did the search for a good wedding photographer in Paphos and here is how we met. Her description of what she expected out of the wedding made me smile. She is an exceptional lady with a warm heart and a friendly attitude and strives to be understood in the best way possible. Just from our conversation, I knew Patrick had landed a rare woman in his life. One who loves, treasures and respects him with all she got.

Fayth decided she wanted something special at her wedding. To achieve this, she wanted her wedding to be at the Elysium Hotel in Paphos Cyprus, one of the leading hotels in Cyprus. She then customised her wedding decorations, which were beautiful and stunning as she carefully came up with each one of them and personalised them. Each of the tables was named and had a lovely poem for the classics.

The wedding was beautiful and stunning full of emotions and feelings from their family and friends who were so happy for the couple. Their love and unison brought along feelings of love and support from everyone around them who were very happy for the two.

As a wedding photographer in Paphos, this is one of the unique weddings I had the honour to photograph. Well customised and full of feelings and emotions. The guests enjoyed the dining and dancing as the couple sunk into happiness, and the fireworks were also part of the beautiful reception. Everyone was perplexed and wished it was their wedding.