Life is amazing when you are healthy. As the saying goes, health is the ultimate wealth. Today, we have an invincible personal trainer photography story. It’s about the journey of Marietta, a personal trainer whose life took a rather swift turn. She found herself bedridden from a fitness coach to a brain surgery survivor. Little did she know her healthy lifestyle and vigour played a considerable part in her illness, not becoming so serious and in recovery as well.

Marietta never thought life would take her from a 9 to 5 accounting job to a fitness coach then get her bedridden. Eating healthy and living a healthy life is her identity, something she never wishes away. With so many people taking inspiration from her, giving up meant letting everybody down and she couldn’t do that. Before her life shifted to a whole new dimension, she was a physically fit, healthy coach and that dream never faded.

This invincible personal trainer photography story is to motivate everyone in the world today. Marietta’s story is an illustration of how life can shift in any direction, but never letting go of the dream, never giving up keeps you going. Her journey towards destiny got tougher in 2019 when she started having migraines. She dreamt of having a terrible migraine, but she thought it was merely a dream and nothing to worry about.

When the migraines started becoming severe, she would feel dizzy, terrible pain, and she couldn’t even walk. She went to A&E London and saw the GP who prescribed pills hoping the migraines would fade away. Little did they know it was only about to get real very soon. The migraines became unbearable and this started affecting her life, business, and health. When the recommendations still gave her pills, her sister thought enough is enough and decided to get her a head scan and the results revealed a serious problem.

She was diagnosed with a convexity meningioma on the right side of her brain. It’s a tumour that had to be removed as soon as possible and the next day, she was taken to surgery at Kings College Hospital. Long story short, she had three surgeries all of which were successful and she is on her way to recovery. According to Marietta, she was lucky to have survived all this. Never let any health issue go unchecked no matter how small it is. As a personal trainer photographer, her life’s journey is an inspiration to me. No matter what you are going through, never stop fighting for what you wish for, who you want to become, or what you want to achieve.

Marietta believes that one crack in life doesn’t mean you are completely broken. It’s a testimony that shows you were put to the test by life and you never fell apart. She never fell apart and the journey to recovery might be long, but to her, the only person you decide to be is the person you are destined to become. She was reborn and life gave her a second chance making her an excellent example to all.