A few months ago, I spent some hours shooting best Limassol personal trainer, Marietta Simillides. She was planning to promote her new website offering people incredible body transformation services within weeks. Marietta saw my photography work on one of the DJ’s of Aurora Borealis team, DJ Christopher, and decided to get in touch with me. She believed I had the right experience and skills she needed for her project. Personally, I think personal training on a regular basis is a great way to get into shape. Having a few sessions often rejuvenates the workout regime.

Photographing The Best Limassol Personal Trainer

Anyway, Marietta wanted some photos for her newly acquired website. These pictures needed to show her as serious and passionate about what she does. In order to successfully change a body, one needs to take the challenge seriously. She did not want her pictures to appear normal, so she wore gym gear which was enough for her perfect body to be seen. She wanted the photos to spark emotion as opposed to plain and boring photos. Marietta also brought with her two other fitness models dressed in gym gear. The photos were supposed to be pretty but also show the importance of fitness. With my experience, I was looking forward to this shoot because I love new challenges. Having worked with different professionals, photographing this Limassol personal trainer was not going to be a big deal but a phenomenal experience for me.

We decided to start the shoot near Fassouri Water Park entrance road. This is because it has a lot of trees and a perfect road for running. Marietta ran while I captured the best shots. Next, we moved towards the Yoga shoot right near the water park where we found a green space. Yoga is all about calmness and relaxation and this was the perfect place to have the shoot. She positioned herself in fabulous yoga poses that gave me amazing pictures. When you look at the photographs, you really feel like doing yoga. We later moved to Guvernor Beach right before the golden hour. There is nothing as great as taking photos at the beach; it is so fulfilling and amazing. I photographed the girls exercising, running and enjoying the beautiful sun on the Mediterranean Sea. Our shots at the beach were perfect and did not disappoint Marietta at all.

My experience photographing the best Limassol personal trainer was thrilling. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the shoot. If you are a fitness expert in need of new pictures, you can get in touch with me for quality and professional photography. Over the years, I have successfully photographed different personalities from various social backgrounds.

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