Love cruises through the toughest and strange tides. All the way with one intention, to set on the heart of the loved one. Because if love came in colors, Sousana chose blue, if it came with flowers, roses are her favorite, if it comes in songs, the blues take the day but if love came in human beings, Joni is her all time lover. It’s their amazing story of love, patience and trust that led us to their international wedding photography at Aphrodite Hills. Their love cruised from Finland all the way to Cyprus where they decided to make their union official.

Theirs is a story of love like no other. Their love like the wild rose briar and their friendship like a holly tree. The wild briar rose blooming constantly. Sweet in spring and its summer blossom scents the air. During the international wedding photography at Aphrodite Hills, looking into their eyes you could see the art. As if a divine artist dipped a brush in the same soul and used it to paint both their souls. They are a perfect couple their spirits roaming free when they hold hands. Love being their comfort like sunshine after the rain. Her nearness took his breath away as she walked down the aisle illuminating the wedding photography in Paphos and he was left speechless as if he had no voice. But in silence, he could only hope his eyes will speak the contents of his heart.

The wedding was beautiful and the bride spiced up the wedding photography in Paphos with a beautiful Teokath wedding dress coupled with stunning Jimmy Choo shoes. Joni with his elegant tailor made suit could only express his awe.

The reception could only make things better. As we headed for a sunset shoot at the amazing golf course, the guests enjoyed themselves wining and dining in excitement, their love and joy for this couple well visible. The sunset shoot was stunning, bringing out their inner and outer personalities. The intimacy, passion, and intense desire for each other emanating from their souls. As a wedding photographer in Paphos, I have had the opportunity to shoot different weddings here at Aphrodite Hills and each of the is different and unique in its own way. Sousana and Joni didn’t disappoint with the time they had together feeling like a breeze with love their religion that they could happily become martyrs of.