When love manifests in the heart, nature obeys, and destiny falls in place. A path well reserved by love follows taking two loving souls to their eternity in love. Emily and Daniel are two amazing souls with loved overflowing in their hearts, connecting them with their destiny. As an Olympic Lagoon Wedding photographer, these moments never cease to brighten up the day. Their wedding day is one of those days where love fills the air and emotions that run deep surface on the faces of the wedding couple as well as the guests.

Daniel and Emily were friends first before their friendship was set to music, and it became love. They met through mutual friends on a night out. On 31st December, they, together with friends, went out to welcome the new year. When the clock turned to midnight, Daniel and Emily shared a kiss that sealed their future together. From this day, they started dating and spending time together which bloomed to a special feeling of love.

Dan and Emily shared so many experiences and traveled the world together too. From Paris, Lagos, Amsterdam, to Almeria and across the UK. Rome was where Daniel decided to pave way and make things official. On 29th April 2017, the day was sunny and beautiful, and the couple walked through Villa Borghese Gardens admiring the scenery. Dan pulled a surprise and went down on one knee proposing to Emily who was flabbergasted. She was surprised and shocked and she found herself eating her own word, but eventually when Daniel posed the question, a resounding “yes” came right from her heart through the mouth. She couldn’t believe it was happening as tears of joy rolled down her face.

Their friends and family were so happy for them and they threw a party for them as the two started their wedding plans. Their plans to marry abroad led them to the Olympic Lagoon Wedding Photographer and they choose the Olympic Lagoon Resort and Bay Ayia Napa as their wedding venue.  Their love journey led to this wedding photography in Ayia Napa, where friends and family came together to witness and celebrate as the couple tied the knot.