Our wedding photography in Latchi journey is a step in life for David and Yarden our power couple. Their love started more than five years ago when these two met during their last year of their bachelor’s degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. David a chess player and Yarden a horse back rider have a love story that defies all odds. Nothing about their love is an accident but destiny placing their future on their open palms.

After they met, they moved in together and adopted a cat. The tow spent a lot of time together during their dating times travelling from Rome to Budapest, Moscow to St. Petersburg and cross countried through Georgia. All this time, their love was growing and bonding them tight preparing them for a future together and deep in their hearts, the feeling was uncontrollable and they knew it.

After 5 years of dating, David decided to surprise Yarden. They were travelling in Georgia at the mountain top of Gergeti Trinity Church. They were alone on the mountain and the magical thing happened. David went down on one knee and proposed to Yarden with the magnificent nature of Georgia watching waiting to cheer on as she said yes with a joyous sound. Yarden from a young age had learnt that the best way to enjoy life is to learn how to give love and let it in when it comes your way.

When the two started making plans for their wedding, the wanted something unique. Something different from the normal weddings that happen in Israel. Instead of having an enormous wedding with 400 guests from all over Israel, the couple decided to do a small wedding comprising of close friends and family abroad. Their wedding photography in Paphos was fantastic taking place at the Dorushia Heights Hotel where they got ready and had their first look.

The wedding ceremony took place at an amazing beach in Latchi where they had the privilege to enjoy their wedding photography in Paphos and enjoyed every bit of it. everything went as they planned and the joy of a wedding, and honeymoon in Paphos could be felt in their heart beats through their warm and joyous smiles.