Christening is one of the most significant practices in Christianity. It involves baptizing and giving the child a Christian name and is seen as an introduction or dedication of the child to the Christian way. On this Lovely Christening Photography at Aphrodite Hills Resort, the family celebrated bringing one of their own to the church for official christening together with the godparents.

Christianity occupies a special place in the development and formation of Cypriot state where this Lovely Christening Photography at Aphrodite Hills Resort took place. The Christians here have always been firm on their faith and this lovely family followed suit for the christening of their boy.

Currently, Cyprus has more than 31 active monasteries and 500 Christian churches. The Orthodox Church of Cyprus is one of the most significant churches and has the status of a public institution in the country therefore playing a significant role in the socio-political life of this country.

The majority of Cypriots are firm Christians with Christian rituals and traditions woven into their daily lives starting from birth, ending with death. Baptism being one of the main sacraments of every Christian regardless of nationality, this lovely family honored their legacy by bringing their kid for the christening ceremony. The Christening Photographer in Paphos for the day was yours truly and we had an amazing time during and after the ceremony.

The boy was brought to the priest by the godfather and the christening began. The “dowry” for the baby which consists of a large candle, a set of baptismal clothes, sheets and towels to dry the kid were brought. When a kid is young, he or she is wrapped in these but the boy in this Lovely Christening Photography at Aphrodite Hills Resort was old enough to take it so wrapping him entirely in the sheets and towels wasn’t necessary. The boy carried the baptismal cross as the godfather and his parents came in with the small gifts for those attending.

After the christening ceremony, we headed to Aphrodite Hills resort with the over joyous family for a family photoshoot. The beauty of Aphrodite Hills resort is breathtaking. The scenes are amazing and great especially for large family gatherings. You get to enjoy the views of the island as you wait for the sunset shoot as a family.