A christening ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in the life of a believer. During this lovely christening photography in Paphos, the child was welcomed into the church and given his new Christian name, Panayiotis. He was brought forward by the god parents who act as a guide in their life and Christian faith as well. It is a special moment for the child and it is the duty of the parents to introduce the kid to the church at such an early age.

Being such a meaningful ceremony in the life of their child, the couple invited me to be their christening photographer in Paphos and capture the moments and memories of this fantastic event. The christening took place at the beautiful Agios Georgios in Peyia which is an outstanding church with stunning views and beautiful decorations all round.

When two souls meet and connect, the fruits of their love come out as a gift from God and that’s getting a child. As Christians, the couple was thankful to God and overjoyed hence they decided to rededicate the kid to God and bring him up according to the Christian way. This is a significant moment in the life of the child and the parents as well. It signifies a start in Christianity where the child is brought up in the ways of God with the guidance of the godparents.

No one could hide their joy during and after the event. The love these parents showed for their boy was apparent, glowing through their eyes. It is the joy of every parent to see their children passing through such an important phase in life and during this lovely christening photography in Paphos the parents as well as the godparents were filled with happiness.

After the ceremony, the after party was held at the amazing Coral Beach Hotel & Resort where everyone was welcomed to wine and dine. It was an amazing event filled with love and joy of doing right according to one’s faith and bringing up children on the right way. For sure it is true what Christians say “bring up your child in the right way and he shall never depart from it”.