How do we know when we’ve found “the one”? For many couples, it’s not chaotic passion that sets the wheels of destiny in motion. Instead, it’s a moment of quiet and complete realization that both have found a home in the other—One that will always shelter their heart and soul.

Michael and Kylie, the beautiful bride and groom shown in this emotional wedding at Elias Beach Hotel, felt the truth of their connection as soon as they laid eyes on one another: For Michael, the beacon of a shared spiritual home shone as brightly and clearly as the honesty in Kylie’s eyes. Its foundations were laid in her straightforward, trustworthy nature; a steady and loving presence that drew Michael in at once and allowed him to drop his guard. Michael knew that in Kylie, he had finally found a safe harbour; a person he could open up to, share his most tender secrets with, and find only love and acceptance.

For Kylie, the gift of Michael’s trust became an empowering force. Around Michael, she found the strength that lie hidden inside her. She woke up ready to face each day feeling calmer, happier, and more confident than she ever had before. With Michael, she knew that love could outlast any struggle and overcome any obstacle, forming a bedrock of security that would always be solid beneath the shifting sands of life.

Over ten wonderful years together, the initial sense of safety that Michael and Kylie felt in each another’s arms only grew. With each passing day, they witnessed their lives changing for the better as they became closer—And they knew that, above all, no one else could ever make either of them feel so at ease, so complete. Finally, they decided to invite their friends and family to celebrate and make official the deep bond that already existed between them: They brought everyone they hold dear to their emotional wedding at Elias Beach Hotel, the beautiful seaside venue where Emily and Daniel, Christiana and Angelos, and Daria and Adrian also said their vows.

As I shot the unique wedding photography in Limassol shown below, the scenery changed dramatically: Kylie and Michael’s wedding began on a pier overlooking the sea, but ended high in the mountains at the historic To Hani Inn. Not only did this make for stunning images, to me, it was deeply symbolic: The journey of love takes us from the brink where two worlds meet to the highest place our souls can climb; it turns vulnerability into strength and inspires us to soar. After all, we know that with the safety of love beneath our wings, we can fly without fear of falling.