Every moment of every day offers the chance for a new beginning. With each breath we take, we can decide to change our life’s direction or pursue our dreams. We can rebuild old relationships, form new connections, visit new places, or even bring new life into the world. For the subjects of this maternity session at Aphrodite Rocks in Cyprus, 2022 was a year of such fresh starts.

Like all of us, Kyle and Taylor had to put their plans on hold during the pandemic. For two years, this beautiful couple from Kentucky, USA, set aside their desire to travel the world. However, rather than seeing the pandemic as a time of isolation, Kyle and Taylor used it to grow closer. Over the two years they were at home in America, they built a deeper, more intimate, trusting relationship. And so, when the restrictions finally lifted, they were ready to do more than just travel together. With hearts full of optimism and mutual commitment, they decided to start a family.

To mark this new chapter in their lives, Kyle and Taylor wanted to visit a place of stunning natural beauty. A place where the landscape would echo their joy, their aspirations, and the agelessness of their bond.

Out of all of the wonders on Earth, they chose Aphrodite Rock, here in Cyprus – the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite. Also known as Petra tou Romiou, Aphrodite Rock is famous for its stunning aqua waters, white waves, and dramatic rocks. For Kyle and Taylor, it was the perfect backdrop for their first professional photoshoot as a family.

As a wedding and maternity photographer in Cyprus, I’ve been blessed to visit this picturesque shore many times. If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ll remember that I shot M & D’s honeymoon there. I also went back for Christian and Jana’s proposal photoshoot and Eleni and Christos’s wedding photography. Each time I return, I’m awed all over again by the power and majesty of the landscape.

For this shoot, Kyle and Taylor chose to dress all in white – the colour of peace and purity. Then, they strode hand-in-hand down the beach, soaking up the radiant sun and being caressed by the gentle sea mist. All the while, I snapped away, immortalising in images these precious moments of togetherness. One day, Kyle and Taylor will look at these photos and relive the year the world began anew. Together with their child, they will reflect on the deep love that moved them forward, changing their lives forever.

Ultimately, the true magic of ancient sites like Aphrodite Rocks is their ability to inspire us in difficult times. Nature’s beauty, ineffable yet ever-changing, reminds us that many of life’s challenges and sorrows are temporary. Eventually, they will fade away into the endless blue horizon, and only love and hope will remain. Life, as celebrated in Taylor and Kyle’s maternity session at Aphrodite Rocks in Cyprus, will always prevail.