Many of the best things in life are unexpected. Whether it’s a surprise gift, hearing from an old friend, or an unlikely opportunity, magic often happens by chance. Sometimes, as you’ll see in this unique proposal photography at the Blue Lagoon, an ordinary day can become life-changing.

As a couple photographer in Cyprus, I often receive requests from people who need help creating the perfect engagement photoshoot. When I heard from Pascal, however, I knew that this would be a particularly special assignment. Not only would I be shooting engagement photos, but the proposal would be part of the photoshoot! And, as Pascal informed me, it was absolutely essential to keep our plan a secret until the special moment.

Fortunately, I have some experience setting up surprise proposal photoshoots. Long-time followers of my work will remember Ajay & Vaishaly’s beach proposal and Christian & Jana’s Proposal at Aphrodite Rocks. With Pascal, I had the opportunity to take an even more active role in planning the shoot. To ensure his proposal would be perfect, he’d contacted me months in advance, so we could carefully arrange every detail.

First, we worked on finding the ideal location. The setting had to be private, secluded, and stunning – without risking giving away Pascal’s romantic intentions. Ultimately, Pascal chose the Blue Lagoon, a natural beach in Akamas, Paphos known for its golden sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Then, we discussed how to conceal the ring and disguise the proposal as a boat trip to the scenic Lagoon.

On the big day, I could hardly contain my excitement knowing the happiness this couple was about to experience. But, for this unique proposal photography at the Blue Lagoon to be a success, I had to appear calm. It was essential to make sure Graciella didn’t suspect I was there to photograph a proposal!

Once on board, I began casually snapping photos of the boat, the surrounding bay, and the happy couple. Then, I held Graciella’s attention with a series of portraits while Pascal slipped away to get her engagement ring.

When Pascal knelt down to present her with the ring, I was ready to capture every emotion as it unfolded. Through my lens, I watched her curiosity turn to astonishment, which then melted into smiling tears of love and gratitude. Every kiss, every embrace, was immortalised forever in images as Pascal asked Graciella to make their union eternal. Through these photos, they will always be able to relive their proposal, from heartbeat to heartbeat.

After the champagne was poured and Graciella accepted her bouquet of vivid red roses, I stepped back from the boat. From afar, I shot them standing together, their joy as radiant as the glowing sand and sunlit water. Then, they slipped away across the horizon, waving goodbye to me – and hello to the rest of their lives together.