Few things are more powerful than demonstrating gratitude for our loved ones. When we appreciate someone, we help them see their own beauty and value. We lift them up, energise them, and make them feel safe. We also reaffirm the bonds that unite us, pushing aside minor problems to focus on what’s truly important: Love. Traditional weddings, as shown in this luxury wedding photography at Parklane Hotel Limassol, express this profound gratitude through time-honoured rituals. They demonstrate a couple’s eternal appreciation for each other and the support of friends, family, and community.

As a wedding photographer in Limassol, I feel truly privileged to witness elaborate traditional celebrations like Bradley and Andrea’s. Typical Cypriot weddings like theirs mark the end of a couple’s old life and embrace the new with open arms. During this transition, friends and family are welcomed into the circle of love and gratitude with many small, meaningful rituals. Along with the couple, they shed their former roles and commit to a shared vision of the future.

For both bride and groom, this transformation begins before the wedding itself, with the “Allamata” ceremony. During the Allamata, the couple gets ready separately in two different locations, surrounded by loved ones. This provides space to bid farewell to each partner’s old life and unmarried self, in preparation for the next chapter. For Bradley, this meant getting ready at the Mediterranean Hotel, paying close attention to every small detail of his attire. Meanwhile, Andrea prepared to wed at a villa inside the ParkLane, one of the most luxurious hotels in Limassol.

Serenaded by traditional lute and violin music, Andrea received her bridal accessories on a pillow, like a modern-day princess. Then, beaming with excitement, she wrote the names of her bridesmaids on the sole of her shoe. (According to tradition, the first name to be worn off during the night will be the next person to marry.) To complete the Allamata, each guest blessed Andrea with a red sash before dancing around her to bring good fortune.

When both were ready, Andrea and Bradley met as bride and groom at one of Limassol’s most beautiful stone chapels. Here, like countless couples before them, they stood before the priest, hearts fluttering as they exchanged their vows. Then, two crowns (stephana) attached by a ribbon were placed on their heads, connecting them for all eternity. Symbolically, these crowns represent the ancient belief that marriage is a kingdom formed between two souls, blessed by God. With a few final prayers, Andrea and Bradley were officially bonded in holy matrimony – and the celebrations could begin!

The last stage of this luxury wedding photography at Parklane Hotel Limassol took place at the Parklane’s beautiful reception hall. There, with the stunning table decorations bathed in lavender light, toasts and speeches were shared. Through laughter and tears, the guests embraced Bradley and Andrea for the first time as husband and wife. Then, with feet made light by joy and arms linked, they danced in gratitude for the gift of love.