For today, we have the beautiful story of Johan and Carlijn. These two are in a relationship and they have a wonderful circle of friends and family surrounding them. The De Haan family is one of the most supportive and loving families I have ever seen so far. Their love, support and participation in this beach family photography in Paphos made the large family photo session amazing and the pictures came out great.

Carlijn and Johan are in a relationship and the De Haan family has vowed to support them and be with them all through. To Carlijn, Johan is more than a partner. He is the sunshine in her life, the shining star and to her, everything that she isn’t Johan is in a much better way. When Johan looks at Carlijn, all he sees are rivers and mountains of everlasting happiness and joy. He sees beautiful clouds with a silver lining on his way. These two amazing souls are each other’s shining sun on the greyest of days. True love and support from the family, cementing their love forever and ever more.

The De Haan family is one of the most united family ever. They know how to have fun together and all the individuals in the family have a special bond between each other. The family consists of 9 adults and 4 children. It’s a large united family with Folkert and Alie, who are the grandparents of the family. They have four children, Johan, Esther, Wietse Jan and Marianne. Wietse has two children with Rose, Beau and Sam. Marianne has two children with Wesley, Duco and Nynke. Johan, Carlijn, and Esther have no kids.

Folkert and Alie are the pillar of the family. They show unconditional love and support to each other and to all the other members of the family as is seen in the Beach Family Photography in Paphos. The family gives each other motivation and during the large family photo session in Cyprus, they even came up with ideas of what to wear to look uniform. The love and support shown by this family is an inspiration to anyone. From the grandparents to the kids, they all know how to have fun together which increases the bonding within the family.