As parents, we do our best to capture each of our child’s “firsts.” We eagerly record our baby’s first steps, first birthday, first day at school, and other major milestones—not wanting to miss a single smile, laugh, or moment of wonder. Sometimes, however, we’re so caught up in the anticipation of meeting our new arrival that we forget to commemorate the most important formative stage of all: Pregnancy. Having a maternity Beach Photo Shoot in Cyprus, as expectant parents Paty and Ticiano did, is the ideal way to celebrate the true beginning of your baby’s journey through life.

In many ways, pregnancy represents the time when you and your child are closest. During pregnancy, mother and child share a bond like no other on earth: A state where one body holds two hearts beating in perfect harmony; two souls silently communicating with one another. By having a pregnancy photo shooting in Cyprus, you’ll enshrine this connection—which cannot be described in words—in images. You’ll create a visual gateway back to the first time you felt love for, and attachment to, your child.

Photographing pregnancy also allows you to capture a transformative time in your relationship with your partner. As your baby grows, you and your partner will experience the first tender emotions of becoming a family—or growing the one you already have. Your photos will also memorialize the rush of excitement for the future that comes with a new baby: The way holidays and vacations take on new meaning, because they’ll be about creating wonderful memories for your child… The thrill of remodeling your existing home or looking for a new one as you seek the perfect place to shelter and anchor your family. Suddenly, instead of living day to day, you’ll be planning twenty years into the future with a deep sense of purpose and inspiration. A maternity beach photo shoot in Cyprus can symbolize this sense of transition perfectly: In the images below, for example, Paty and Tici stand between familiar solid ground and the mysterious, fluid horizon before them.

Though nine months may sound like a long time, as any parent will tell you, it flies by all too quickly… And this is perhaps the most compelling reason of all to have a maternity Beach Photo Shoot in Cyprus. Arranging a photo shoot sets some time aside to relax in tranquil settings and focus on the bond that’s growing between you, your baby, and your partner. That’s why Paty and Tici flew all the way to Ayia Napa—Not simply to have a maternity beach photo shoot in Cyprus, but to take a few days away from everything and cherish the miracle of the life they’ve created. After all, like all of the big “firsts” in life, the time when you carry your child within you will never come again. It can only be stored in photographs, where smiles gone by hold the key to our most joyous memories.