Today, we indulge in a Lebanese Wedding photography at Golden Coast Beach Hotel. A wedding event fruits from 12 years ago when Rita and Joe first met. However, life happens and they were separated for a while. With true love, destiny places it on your path and with the love of your life in all these points. This is the case here as these two met, a spark grew in their souls but they were separated. The spark, however, didn’t die and years later, we witness honorary wedding photography in Protaras celebrating their love and union.

For Rita, the waiting period is a sign of true love. Anyone can utter the words “I love you!”, but not many can persevere and wait for the right time to prove it’s true. Their love with no bounds, a moving sea within the shores of their souls. When Rita and Joe first met 12 years ago, they were young, but their love too young never died. They connected again and after a year together got engaged.

They planned their wedding when they were together in Dubai a time when spending life away from each other made them feel numb. Joe loves Rita and treats her with love and respect just like a gentleman. Just like wine comes in at the mouth, their love coming in at the eyes, making it the only truth they know and shall ever know before they grow old.

The beautiful Lebanese wedding photography at Golden Coast Beach Hotel came out nicely on the amazing scenery. Overlooking the sea, with a cool breeze coming from the sea directly to the hotel. The waters of the sea and the serene environment were enough witnesses together with the close friends and family invited to the wedding.

Their love old and sure not new and frantic, they were obliged to be romantic even during their wedding day. During the wedding photography in Protaras, she named Joe the sun to her earth. First to kiss her awake with beams of love every day and see the flower that the bees never miss. Love is truly a nice feeling, taking one by the hand flying all over the world where there is no tears or pain only love, joy, inner peace and profound passion. True love always withstands the test of time waiting forever for the love to be returned, never failing, never dying and never letting go. As their love stood the test of time with the two enjoying the fruits of their love after 12 years.