One of the best feelings in the world is love. No one can explain what happens in the body when a person falls in love making it a mystery. Well, a wonderful mystery for that matter. Most of the time, we find ourselves yearning for something real in life, but when the genuine feeling of love comes in, it fills a void that can’t be filled by anything else. This is what was displayed by Nita and Richard during their truthful wedding photos in Cyprus. Their wedding was love-filled and you could feel and see the authenticity of their love in their eyes.

Nita and Richard decided to make it official after being together for a while. To them, this was a sign of lifelong commitment and love to each other. They chose to share this moment before their friends and family who were witnesses of their unity in love.

Their wedding took place in the wild scenery of upper Paphos Eagle Cliff Villa one of the most beautiful regions of Cyprus. The location has breathtaking mountain and sea views and mesmerising sunsets from the rooftop terrace. This is where we took some of the most sincere wedding photos in Paphos, and it was an honor getting to see the couple express their love without saying a word. It was incredible their love radiating every moment of the wedding carrying away everyone who attended.

The wedding was beautiful, and just from the setting, one could tell it took a lot to get to this point. Nita and Richard are the couple that doesn’t give up no matter what. They were driven by the immense power of their love, and they made it all the way. The wedding setting was impeccable with personalised tables with names of the guests and a classic setting.

Nita is Indian, and she didn’t leave her heritage back. There was Indian dancing and dining and with all the tables personalised, merrymaking and an evening of fun and dance were bound on the reception. Every bit about the truthful wedding photos in Cyprus was authentic, and everyone could feel it. The joy, happiness, and sincerity was a glow on everyone’s face. This is one of the best and positive couples with some sincere wedding photos in Paphos.