Indian weddings are breathtaking celebrations of love, culture, and unity. They’re vibrant, intricate festivals that burst with colour and dance, balancing moments of solemn reflection with joyful humour and exuberance. They’re also an extended celebration: In India, one day isn’t enough to honour the spiritual and emotional union of two people. Instead, traditional ceremonies take place over several days, wherein couples don multiple outfits and participate in beautiful rituals and prayers. For Meesha and Ravi, this journey of the heart began with an Indian civil wedding ceremony in Paphos.

Just as their pre-wedding photo shoot included modern and traditional elements, Meesha and Ravi’s wedding would celebrate old and new. On day one, where they would be legally wed before their religious ceremony, the couple exuded contemporary luxury. They incorporated many of the stylish, thoughtful details I’ve come to know and love as a wedding photographer in Paphos: There was a glamorous gold watch for the groom, monogrammed guest attire, and of course, elegant bridal accessories.

In the soft morning light, my lens captured Meesha’s feminine mauve shoes, sparkling diamond bracelet, and delicate, cream-coloured bouquet. Then, with her rich brown hair falling around her smiling face in perfect waves, Meesha began preparing to wed. She stepped into a pure white bridal gown, its gently flowing lines accented by lace flowers, complementing her natural beauty. With her mother beaming by her side, she fastened her earrings before sharing giggles of excitement with her bridesmaids. In these private moments, she readied herself to leave her old life behind and step into a bright new world.

After walking arm-in-arm with her father down the aisle, Meesha’s eyes met Ravi’s, brimming with emotion. As their combined friends and families looked on, they promised to cherish and support one another, no matter what. They committed to each other in wealth and poverty, in sickness and in health, bound by their shared destiny. Then, serenaded by lute music, they were showered in confetti before kissing, for the first time, as husband and wife. Now legally wed, the pair shared toasts, cake, and memories with their loved ones during a quiet, intimate gathering.

Though the civil ceremony was over, Meesha and Ravi’s joy was only just beginning: After their fashionable, modern Indian civil wedding ceremony in Paphos, day two of their wedding would enter another world. A world of colourful, beaded bridal attire, lavish ceremonies, and ancient rituals and prayers. Thus is the beauty of Indian weddings: With their distinct phases, they serve as the perfect metaphor for marriage. Married life is marked by unique chapters, with each one representing a different aspect of togetherness. Marriage teaches us that, from youth to parenthood and old age, love evolves with us, bound by sacred commitment. It reveals new sides of the one held closest to our heart, compelling us to explore ourselves in response.

Within this dance of time and change, we learn that love’s bond only grows, no matter what shape it takes. Like a glowing beacon on the horizon, it beckons us towards eternity with the knowledge that we’re never alone.