One thing about falling in love is it always feels heavenly. Being close to the person you love is a feeling anyone craves. Grace & Firas fell in love, and their culture made it even better. The couple travelled far from their home country and found love in Canada.

They made it home and made each other’s hearts their home. Their Intimate Lebanese Wedding at Amathus Hotel showed true love.

As a Wedding Photographer in Limassol, this isn’t the first Lebanese wedding to shoot. One thing I always envy from the many Lebanese weddings is a touch of colour and fashion. The other is the immense support from family members and close friends. This is all that Grace & Firas could ask for. The couple has a special bond. A connection not explainable even in their own words. They, however, express it in the best way possible. The smile on her face as she walked down the aisle tell it all. His genuine laugh and his battle with tears of joy as her beauty lit his face was an incredible sight.

Though they met in Canada, they chose Cyprus as their wedding destination. Grace knew she loved him more each day. Today, more than yesterday and a bit less than tomorrow. For she knew their love as great as it was, it came at a cost. As they said their vows to become one in this Intimate Lebanese Wedding at Amathus Hotel, their love conquered. She never knew what true love felt like until Firas came into her life. Firas fell in love with her with the way she touched him and soothed his heart without using her hands. Her absence taught him one thing, and it’s not to be alone. It showed him that they cast one shadow on the wall whenever they were together. No wonder they badly wanted this union.

The support pillars the couple has been great. A loving and supportive family coupled with great close friends. Without their support, there would have been no Intimate Lebanese Wedding at Amathus hotel. They came to witness this great love that fought all odds and brought this couple together.