The most magical times in our lives are often marked by a sense of freedom and security. Childhood is made precious by the way that, as children, we’re innocently without cares; the world is open before us, full of endless possibilities to explore. Without worries, limits, or obligations, we can become completely immersed in the wonder of creation.

As we mature and our responsibilities increase, it can be difficult to reach that carefree state—To fully live in the moment, with mind and heart unfettered. This is part of what makes finding love so intoxicating: When we fall in love, truly and deeply, we return to a state of purity not unlike childhood. Beside our beloved, we feel invincible; we feel like we can try anything and achieve anything, knowing we always have a welcoming embrace to protect us. Our worries suddenly feel small and the daily act of living takes on new meaning: Every second, every footfall is the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

This miraculous rediscovery of freedom is what moves some of the couples I meet as an Ayia Napa wedding photographer to elope. Though big family weddings are warm and moving, there’s a different kind of magic to be found in elopement: These spontaneous weddings honour the power of two people celebrating a love that only they truly understand. Elopement celebrates the private face of love, something more intimate than public display.

For Patrycja and Daniel, the couple featured in this elopement photography in Cyprus, getting married was a day just for them: A time to focus on their shared vision for the future, without any distractions. There were no complex plans to adhere to, no concerns about pleasing anyone else; there was only the open sky and each other’s eyes, full of silent promises more moving than any spoken vows.

As I shot this elopement photography in Cyprus, I focussed on capturing the wild spirit that love sets alight: In some images, Patrycja and Daniel stand together on a clifftop against the endless azure sea, eternal and unafraid. In others, they walk hand in hand down a winding and empty road; though there is nothing around them but the dusty dry grass, they radiate a feeling of wholeness, of having all they need. Seeing their gaze, we’re reminded that love makes us look toward the horizon with hope, no matter what’s around us or behind us… For it’s only in tying our soul to another that we finally find the freedom to let go, and the space to be ourselves.