It always feels good when you hear couples say they’ve known each other since they were kids. It is truly a delight when it happens in your life. The Sublime Wedding Photography in Nicosia, is a story of a couple whose true love and an everlasting bond kept bringing them together at every point in their lives. As a Wedding Photographer in Nicosia, it was an honour and an amazing experience to see and work with a couple so much in love.

Maria and Benoit met when they were kids and developed a bond. Later on, after 20 years, the bond grew into love and their relationship began. What began as a mere friendship grew to become a long distance relationship. Even when they were far apart, their hearts were connected. For it is true that when two people are meant to be together, nothing can separate them. In spite of the pain brought by distance, love ran deep in their veins, woven into their beings keeping their energies aligned.

Maria and Benoit knew they would always be together. A new beginning together, never alone, having each other all the way. Whether in the same room or by phone, she knew he would always be there. He also knew she would never leave and that one truth remains despite everything, being together until forever dies.

Maria made a significant move in her life and decided to move to Belgium which turned out to be the best decision she ever made in her life. It brought fruits of love, fulfilled dreams and a chance at life with the man of her dreams. She was five months pregnant when he decided to propose. It was simple and silly just like he wanted and she loved it. Going on one knee was a delight to him and the confidence in knowing he had the best woman whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with made it even more special.

The Sublime Wedding Photography in Nicosia tells a story of its own. No matter how far apart two souls drift, love is an unbreakable bond. It always spins, bringing the two souls back together in love like never before. As a Wedding Photographer in Cyprus, it was an honor to see these two souls melt in love forming one unbreakable force of love. Its strength so mighty not even the strongest giant can break.