The dark romance of Transylvania has inspired writers, artists, and photographers for untold ages, luring them into the wild hills and cobbled streets of this mysterious region in search of secrets and wonderment.

Recently, I myself had the chance to experience this area’s almost supernatural appeal when my colleague Martina and I decided to partake in Jerry Ghionis’ two day workshop in Brasov, Romania. Enraptured by the ancient energy of this city—which has been inhabited in one form or another since the neolithic period—we soon decided to embark on a photo-shoot together. The only thing missing was, of course, a couple who were devotedly in love, whose gleaming eyes would shine against the brooding skies and dance before our lenses.

Luckily, we soon met a charming Romanian by the name of Catalin and his equally lovely partner, Carolina, whose origins lie all the way over in steamy Brazil. As Carolina is herself an enthusiastic photographer, she immediately accepted our invitation to be photographed in the beautiful Old City of Brasov.

While working with this couple, we were treated to their story, discovering how two people born half a world apart managed to meet and fall deeply in love. As it turns out, they were both cruise ship employees, and their love blossomed in locations innumerable as together, they saw the world, confiding in each other while drifting under the moon and stars.

Today, the couple has settled largely in Brasov, though when Europe’s rainy grey winters get too much and they miss the lull of lapping ocean waves, they sojourn back to Brazil for a dose of sun, sand, and surf.

Regardless of where Catalin and Carolina are, there is no question that they fully engage with life. Both are very energetic people; they delight in water and winter sports together, hearts soaring with the highs and lows of the waves and drifts. They certainly brought this whirlwind energy to our breathless photo session in Brasov—Martina and I had to be quick with the shutter in order to keep up with the panorama of their motions and ever-changing expressions, but the results were, as you can see, magical.

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